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Longmire Days 2014 - Buffalo, WY

by Patty Plummer on 07/24/14

I really don't know how much luckier I can get! My new hometown of Buffalo - aka Durant, Wyoming - just wrapped up a major 3-day event we call 'Longmire Days'. Those of you familiar with the popular Longmire novels by local author Craig Johnson, and the resulting AETV western crime drama by the same name, know exactly what this weekend was all about. The rest of you - jump on board and join the fun! 

What made me such a lucky gal? Well, for starters, my daughter and her friend were visiting from Oklahoma during much of the festivities which made it even more fun! Then I received a message from a dear friend, who just happens to be the editor of Wyoming Lifestyles Magazine, who wondered if I would like to take a few pictures of the various events - which meant I would have total access with a press pass! Of course I said yes! :)

So between naps and other commitments, I carried my camera bag around to the activities I was able to attend, ducking under the yellow 'Do Not Cross' tapes like I owned the place, and snapped photos of celebs, crazed fans, and various displays and activities for 3 wonderful days! It was quite the learning experience, and one I would like to repeat often. Hopefully a few images will make it into the magazine's next print or online edition. A few have already made it onto my personal Facebook page for everyone to enjoy! 

In the end, I acquired several signatures on my LONGMIRE canvas, got a hug from 'Ruby' and a handshake from 'Walt', took a photo of my daughter with 'Vic', aka 'Starbuck', and I met several great people from near and far. Honestly, who could be luckier than that!?! :)

Happy Trails - cp

The Coolest Things Happened Last Week...

by Patty Plummer on 02/01/12

Last week was an interesting week in my world both personally and professionally...and I use the term professional rather loosely!

~ I finally finished my new web store - a major accomplishment for a one-man operation such as mine, and then I spent more time than I cared to, trying to get my online store to integrate over to my business page on Facebook - something that 'sold' me on creating my new website and store in the first place - no pun intended. I began that process last Tuesday, and after two lengthy chat sessions and a couple of phone calls later, the Facebook store appeared at last on Friday night. Yay! Except that it was Friday night and not as many people are hanging out on Facebook on Friday night, so it was a little anti-climatic. But anti-climatic is a dear friend of mine, so it was really okay. Now we wait to see if it pays off. If not, I still learned a new skill and not many people will notice if it falls off the face of the earth - leading me to wonder if anyone would notice if I slipped away with it...but I digress! :}

~ It's fascinating to see what people respond to when I post images. Clearly, there are some that do not move anyone in any way. Sadly, that is not my goal! But there are a few that do garner some attention, and it is always fun when that occurs. It may the subject matter that elicits a memory or shared laugh, or it could be a bright or unusual color that makes the image 'pop', or it might be an unexpected perspective or the image processing that captures someone's eye. Whatever it is, I enjoy seeing the reactions of my 'regulars' and from people who pop in from out of nowhere to leave a comment. This week people seemed to enjoy the old abandoned homesteads quite a bit, and I thank each of you for taking time to mention your thoughts to me, and for the little FB fairy who passed along my page to her friends and fans who in turn 'Liked' my page. The world is a better place because of FB fairies like that! =)

~ I sold my trusty red cargo trailer to a fellow photographer and friend of mine, who had been using it for her shows since last May. She had been begging me to sell it all year, but I was certain I would need it again this year after I decided to dive back in to the craziness of the art/craft show world. But, I realized that I am going to need something taller - a custom made trailer - if I am going to use my very cool self-contained retail cart on wheels for some of my shows. So the deal was made and I said a silent goodbye as I drove away, grateful for shared times and for the good home it was already enjoying.

~ Part of the trailer deal included the acquisition of a lovingly used digital SLR camera! While not brand new - pretty old actually - it's my first one and I'm anxious to try it out. Something I will have to get used to is using the viewfinder again. I've been using my pocket Canon Power Shot for most of the images I've taken in the past couple of years, and I love being able to just hold it up and look at the screen while taking the picture. But that's not something an SLR will allow you to do since the screen does not show the image until you've pressed the shutter. Who knew!? So now I'm off on a new adventure in photography with a camera that has already led one photographer down the path of success. All I can say is, it's about time!

~ This week I am preparing my first art show applications in years. It's boring. And tedious. And every one of them has their own set of rules and requirements and process. It's pretty mind-numbing to me actually and my hope is that it will get easier once I have enough images of my booth and products prepped so I don't have to keep making new ones. I even had to hunt down a photo of MYSELF to submit to a show I've done in the past - ugh! I managed to find this little number of me at the Grand Canyon a few years ago.
Hmm...well, nevermind. It appears I have to have my images for this blog stored online with a URL address in order to post them. sigh There goes another 2 hours trying to figure THAT out...

Anyway, I will post the shows I get into on my website and on Facebook and possibly in an email newsletter which may or may not look a lot like this blog.

Next up - the in-laws are headed our way this weekend! That means cleaning house like nobody's business! I also have a couple of new product ideas I may run past you. Beyond that - only heaven knows. :)

Happy Trails ~ cp

Welcome to My Blog!

by Patty Plummer on 01/25/12

Well, I've finally made the leap into the blogging world! I didn't even know I was going to do that anytime soon, but that's pretty much the way I roll...just wandering around aimlessly and seeing what sticks. 

It's after 2 am as I write this first post, and my eyes are very heavy, so I'm going to make this short and sweet.... Ok then, I'll see you all later! :)